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2021 International Equine Summit

Where people come to speak about their best practices. Equine facilitated Education in all its forms. Centered Riding, veterinary  care, The latest in education for how to bill insurance. Sand play therapy, What is your client bringing to the session? How to start an Equine program. Training of all kinds of animals not just horses. Art Therapy, Cranial Therapy, Equine Dentistry so many more.

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Newsletter – June 29

This newsletter features a great video from a Workshop in Denmark. Click to read more!  

The Kindred Connection In this video, Turtle, a 15 year old Paint, is healing a client by releasing the "pain or tension" in her body ... these were her words. She experienced true vulnerability having Turtle over her as a healer. This was so cool to witness! I...

New 9 day Program Eat, Pray, Ride fulfills prerequisite for international Apprenticeship

New 9 day program, Eat, Pray, Ride fulfills the prerequisite for international apprenticeships in Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica in 2014 and 2015.  Apprenticeship programs may also be offered in Africa, Spain, Hawaii, Asia, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland,...

2021 International Equine Summit News

Maddie Caballo will be the keynote speaker for the 2021 International Equine Summit. She will also be premiering her film THE BOX.  The summit is being held in Campobelo, South Carolina, October 1-3, 2021. CLICK HERE for more information.

The mission of My Horses My Healers Sanctuary is to create a healing space for humans, horses and other animals, to provide educational and therapy programs supporting human and animal collaboration.  We offer training programs for people who want to learn to partner with horses through the practices of yoga, art, sand play therapy, and riding excursions to facilitate healing.


Shelley Rosenberg, founder of My Horses My Healers, has been riding since the age of nine. She found sanctuary at the stables with horses and safety there from her abusive childhood. She tells this story in her first book, My Horses My Healers.


Olympic Festival-1980

Shelley’s professional career brought her to the United Stated Olympic Equestrian Team in the late 1970’s. Sadly, she was exposed to the dark underbelly of the competitive horse world, where abusive situations (both equine and human) were common place.   These negative experiences inspired Shelley to become a crusader for horse welfare and to develop a new supportive way to ride.  She has experienced all ends of the spectrum in horse medical care, training, rehabilitation and teaching students in the areas of dressage and western pleasure.


Riding with Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle

In the early 90’s she while working with Linda Kohanov,  Shelley became one of original seven founding members of the Eponaquest model of equine facilitated/experiential learning. At this time her relationship with horses began to evolve in a new and even more profound manner. “Less is More” became her motto. She moved all of the Eponaquest horses out of bits into Dr. Cook’s, bitless bridles. The Eponaquest model of equine facilitated riding and learning builds a mutual relationship between the horse and the rider. To produce this partnership we must see and feel it from the horses’ point of view. They can teach us what it takes to create a connection of trust.

Horses can be healers for anyone. Work begins on the ground with the horse. As herd animals they help us to understand the connection with ourselves, our emotions, how we interact within our personal relationships and in society. There is no need to be a horse lover or rider to benefit from the healing power of horses.