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Shelley's Next 3 Workshops

Eponaquest Riding Tools

Sep 15 to Sep 20, 2014 at New Zealand

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Doma Classico Bridle to Bit less to Bridle less

Sep 24 to Sep 27, 2014 at Guatemala

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Eat, Pray, Ride

Oct 3 to Oct 11, 2014 at Costa Rica

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New Book

Accessing Your IntuitionAccessing Your Intuition, Shelley Rosenberg’s new book, is available for purchase here.

From the back cover:

Accessing Your Intuition will evoke a question we ask ourselves daily: Is this in my best interest? Is this for my highest good? Will this experience help me move in the direction that I am wanting my life to go? We can get information by asking the question and watching the horse’s response. We can learn to trust our own choices by direct communication, examining feelings, and healing through truthful speaking of emotion.

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