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Fear is a Thief

June 2, 2018 @ 9:00 am - June 3, 2018 @ 4:30 pm


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Where is the danger, and what do I need to do to be safe? But when fear hijacks us, takes over the driver’s seat, we miss out on joy, presence, connection and meaning.

This 2 day intensive workshop we will address the hard question-how does fear show up as a thief in your life? How does fear rob you of deep connection and creative vulnerability? How much do you allow worry to be in the driver’s seat and relegate love to the back seat? What fears keep you from being fully authentic? What is missing in your life and how can we help you to move through fears to whole-heartedly.

With the help of our wise horses-on the ground and on their backs- we will explore and begin moving through fear, lowering sympathetic arousal to think clearly, checking in with intuition, and coming into full presence in the moment.

We will address some common fears: loss, death, aging, rejection, humiliation, pain, intimacy, failure, being alone. We will tap into the powerful calming effects of body consciousness and partnering with the horse. Activities with horses will help us experience our relational patterns, strengths and challenges around fear, safety, trust and comfort. We will practice use of the breath to modulate sympathetic nervous system arousal (anxiety, fear, excitement, agitation). We will utilize self inquiry, writing and drawing to get to know and deal with the great thief.

No previous riding experience is required.

Workshop goals:

  • Explore how is fear useful? Fear as friend and foe
  • Explore the fight-flight-freeze-recover cycle in our lives
  • Identify body signals of fear
  • Identify fear-based messages to self and others
  • Develop increased tolerance for vulnerability, courage, connection, trust and authentic community
  • Move from fear into contentment, compassion, peace, and joy.

Cost includes lunch, snacks, workshop materials, riding experiences.



June 2, 2018 @ 9:00 am
June 3, 2018 @ 4:30 pm
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Austin, TX


Shelley Rosenberg
Sarah Janosik