Shelley Rosenberg

My Horses, My Healers Sanctuary

2021 International Equine Summit

Where people come to speak about their best practices. Equine facilitated Education in all its forms. Centered Riding, veterinary  care, The latest in education for how to bill insurance. Sand play therapy, What is your client bringing to the session? How to start an Equine program. Training of all kinds of animals not just horses. Art Therapy, Cranial Therapy, Equine Dentistry so many more.


“Shelley is a highly dedicated professional with a sincere passion for her vocation. She has an amazing fluency in equine language and is able to effectively teach humans how to be better partners in the human-equine relationship. Her confidence and assuredness are well earned with decades of riding, competing, instructing and stewarding. Shelley is so generous with her knowledge and genuinely wants the best possible experience for ALL involved. I find the horse world can be competitive and judgmental at times, especially for somebody like me who started working with horses a little later in life, but also has a strong commitment to having mutually respectful and non-predatory interactions with my horses. It is this reason it has been so incredibly helpful and comforting to me to have such a trusted, competent and horse-centered professional in my corner during moments of confusion or uncertainty. On the several occasions I have consulted with Shelley professionally, she has been able to problem solve with me within minutes from a brief description or video clip. Her sense of humor and huge heart only add to her approach-ability and effectiveness as an consultant, instructor and workshop facilitator. I have actually worked with her in all three capacities, and have had very positive, perspective-changing experiences each and every time. No matter what Shelly is doing, it is always abundantly clear that she is truly dedicated to helping horses and people find solutions to problems that are preventing them from fulfilling their highest potential at that moment. I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed and feel so fortunate to have this horse professional in my phone contacts and my life!” – Pam


“I recently had a riding lesson with Shelley.  As a newcomer to the world of horses,  I had no idea what to expect.  Shelley provided me with a most memorable experience full of education, insight, and knowledge.  She was able to look at me from such a meticulously attentive standpoint and uncannily knew what was going on in my head and my body before I was able to understand or articulate it myself.  Her spot on awareness of detail, her total lack of pretension, her masterful mind of a lifetime of observation and experience led to an opening within me that I didn’t know was there.  I was fearful when we began, but by the end of our time together I was not only put at ease, but full of curiosity and wonder at the whole process and framework of this passionate pursuit. I can’t recommend being under Shelley’s tutelage enough.  Her keen depth of knowledge is extremely refreshing. The icing on the cake is her personality and fabulous sense of humor.  I felt comfortable and protected at all times.  Meeting and working with Shelley could not have been a better, more enlightening endeavor to embark on.” – Phoebe Hoffman Intuitive



“I recently had the good fortune to take several riding lessons with Shelley Rosenberg. She has the ability to put things in a way that is understandable and very effective, while staying simple. She inspires full confidence in students. She was able to meet me exactly where I was and provide a framework on how to move forward from there. She brought me to the precipice of what I viewed as being my edge and empowered me to move past my perceived limitations. Her wisdom and ability to relate to her students make her an amazing instructor, a true teachers’ teacher.” -Eric Kolesar
Higher Living Now


“My experience in the barn with Shelley was unlike any past horse/human interaction. Through her masterful eye, born from decades of Equine Facilitation as well as her own personal journey as a survivor of childhood abuse, Shelley combines the holding skills of an adept Sand Play Therapist, the body awareness of a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and the trauma knowledge of an advanced EMDR clinician. Ninety minutes with Shelley enabled me to process through a seven year-old incident that I was not consciously aware still existed in my body. I recommend her without hesitation.” – Gretchen M. Lighthouse Counseling Center