International Equine Summit Share Contest

As we are work hard to launch the first International Equine Summit, we are so grateful to YOU, our friends, colleagues and clients, for helping us spread the word about this unique gathering. Today, we are so excited to offer a reward to YOU for doing so!

The following speakers have generously volunteered one FREE private session with a registered Equine Summit attendee (during the event):

  • Isabelle Aubé
  • Nancy Coyne, M.D.
  • Corey DeMala
  • Debbie Draves Legg
  • Christophe Dreyer
  • Sylvain Gillier – Imbs, M.D.
  • Sally Nilsson
  • Kylie Peters, Ph.D.
  • Shelley Rosenberg
  • Lorraine Tilbury
  • Nicoletta Van Koert Pergolizzi
  • Amy Wingrove

To win one of these free private sessions, all you have to do is tell your friends and colleagues about the summit. Each time you share one of our Facebook posts or forward one of our emails, you’ll earn a point. The person with the most points on September 14 will have first pick of the prizes, second place gets second pick and so on.

How it works:

  1. Email our Marketing Director, Kristine Jubeck ( by 11:59 pm on July 31st to enter the contest.
  2. Earn 1 point each time you:
    • share an Equine Summit Facebook post (on your timeline or a friend’s)
    • forward an Equine Summit email to a friend and include in the CC or BCC field of the email.
  3. On September 14 we will total all of the points. The participant with the most points gets first pick of the prizes, second place gets second pick, and so on, until all of the prizes are claimed.

Rules, Information and Tips for Success:

  • Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and “Like” My Horses My Healers on Facebook.
  • For email shares to be counted, you must include in the CC or BCC field of the email. (We agree it is unfortunate there is not a better way to track this 😉
  • Contest runs from July 15 to September 14th, 2016. Sharing activity between these dates will be counted toward point totals.
  • Contest is open to all, including summit speakers.
  • It will be the responsibility of the speaker and attendee to arrange the time and location of the private session. The Equine Summit team will make all reasonable efforts to provide appropriate space and equipment for the session. Time, space and equipment requirements must be submitted to the Equine Summit team no later than October 1, 2016.


Isabelle Aubé


Isabelle is an athletic trainer who specializes in the unique strength and conditioning needs of equestrians.

Nancy Coyne, MD


Nancy is a Board certified Psychiatrist and Eponaquest Senior faculty and instructor. She specializes in Yoga and Horses.

Corey DeMala

New York

Corey is a licensed mental health counselor in private practice, as well as a horse trainer and riding instructor.  She is certified EMDR and EAGALA, as well as having completed many other trainings in counseling, coaching and equine-assisted therapy.

Debbie Draves Legg

Costa Rica

Debbie is an entrepreneur in Costa Rica where she runs a cabin retreat hotel and Equine Facilitated Learning program. She will be presenting the horse/rider matching process, a very powerful exercise where the rider is chosen by a horse for a week long trek.

Christophe Dreyer


Christoph is an Animal Osteopath, Onto-Kinesiologist, and Equine Shiatsu practitioner and TCM, as well as an Eponaquest Instructor. In his presentation he will examine several points: balance & breathing, relationship & the emotional process, the position of the rider and its impact on the biodynamic of the horse, the anatomic link between horse and rider, and the assembly point of both. He will explore this with the reflective-sensitive approach, “Centaur” equilibration and harmonic song, using the tools of the Eponaquest Approach and the somato-emotionnal body process.

Sylvain Gillier-Imbs, MD


Sylvain is a certified Eponaquest instructor. He will speak on the Chiron “wounded healer” archetype, his own path to realizing his healing power, and how he is bringing the healing message of horses to others.

Sally Nilsson

Costa Rica

Sally Nilsson is an expert facilitator, certified executive coach, experienced mentor and instructor in Eponaquest horse-led leadership and personal development activities. Sally spent 15 years as a corporate attorney in London and Hong Kong, starting her career in a leading global law firm and culminating as General Counsel of a multi-billion European real-estate investment firm.

She stepped off the deal junky path in 2015 to follow her passion and focus her full attention on supporting others to find and access the life they truly want – and to believe that, like her, they can create it. With her unique and playful style, she works with individuals to find sustainable balance and freedom—so often lacking on the corporate treadmill in this digital age—in their own lives.

Kylie Peters, PhD


Kylie Peters (BSc, p grad dip psych, grad dip horse bus man, AIA graduate, Advanced Eponaquest instructor, Assoc. MAPS) is a psychologist. Kylie currently works with young people, families and adults; addressing a range of issues specializing in family therapy, eating disorders, trauma and equine therapy. Kylie also offers training and supervision. Kylie has been running equine facilitated therapy and personal development workshops for over ten years around Australia. She has trained under Barbara Rector, Shelley Rosenberg and Nancy Coyne.

Shelley Rosenberg


Shelley is a seasoned riding instructor, has competed in over 110 Grand Prix dressage tests, and is an “L” graduate. With forty five years of experience in the art of communicating with humans and horses, she believes there is a new way to teach riding and that it is her job to be sure you understand what you are feeling, both physically and emotionally. She will be demonstrating the riding experiences taught in her Riding-Focused Equine Facilitated Learning apprenticeship.

Lorraine Tilbury


A Veterinarian and American-Board Certified Toxicologist, Lorraine holds degrees in Veterinary Medicine, Toxicologic Pathology, and Toxicology. Lorraine’s vision of combining her leadership & training skills honed in corporate environments with her love of horses came to fruition with the launch of HorsePower International in 2014, offering equine-facilitated workshops & programs in team dynamics, leadership skills & emotional intelligence. Operating out of her home in the Loire Valley, her herd of 6 horses are the guides for individuals & teams who attend. A certified Eponaquest© instructor, she provides concepts and tools associated with powerful non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence of horses, so that professionals can find their path by using the Power of the Horse to jumpstart their professional and personal projects.

Nicoletta Van Koert Pergolizzi


Amy Wingrove


Amy runs her own business as a Marketing Consultant, and is employed as a Chief Marketing Officer for a media company. She is also an Eponaquest certified instructor.

In her presentation she will share her story of motivation, inspiration, and hope. She will discuss the key pieces for challenging the processes we are taught throughout our lives which become compulsive behaviors. These valuable lessons can be learned and taught by paying attention to the work with the horse, and by just the simple idea of  paying attention to the world around us and our intuition.