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Donate to Congo Hounds

Dr. Marlene Zähner, and other internationally recognized experts in the field of man-trailing and crime scene investigation, are creating Congo’s first man-trailing program in Virunga National Park.  The goal of the program is to better protect Virunga’s critically endangered mountain gorillas and other wildlife from poachers, and in general, help enforce the rule of law,…

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USDF Connection Book Review

Originally printed in USDF Connection, the official publication of the US Dressage Federation A Different Kind of Journey Dressage instructor and USDF “L” graduate Shelley R. Rosenberg’s book My Horses, My Healers (203 pp.) is an ultimately affirming account of how horses can heal damaged human beings, and vice versa. As Rosenberg tells it, it…

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Build Self Confidence with Emotional Agility

There are so many things I wish I’d known then! My biggest lesson was learning to integrate emotional agility into my riding — the ability to move my focus gracefully from my inner experience to my horse; in other words, adjusting my mind’s position to be more effective as a rider. I’ve found this to…

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Intern Positions Available

Shelley Rosenberg is seeking an intern for a six-month commitment. After an initial interview, the internship will be for a three-month trial. It includes living quarters and daily riding lessons in return for experienced horse care. The intern may bring a horse, but no house pets. To apply or for more info, please contact Shelley.

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