Location: Sonoita, Arizona, or I will come to your farm

Instructor: Shelley Rosenberg — AAI, Epona Senior Faculty, accomplished rider, trainer, judge, and author of My Horses, My Healers and Accessing Your Intuition

Dates: To be arranged with Shelley


Options Available

1. Bring Your Own Horse

  • Board —$350
  • Daily Lessons — $50 per lesson

2. Use Our Horses

  • Daily Lessons — $50 per lesson

This 4 week private intensive riding study program with Shelley Rosenberg applies the Epona Approach principles (emotional fitness, body awareness, mindfulness, and authentic interspecies community building skills) to working directly with horses, taking into consideration the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual dimensions of both species. Participants will explore innovative ideas on riding and relationship building, and will learn to recognize and respect the energetic boundaries of the horse, as well as themselves.

Daily activities will be planned on an individual basis depending on the skill level, needs and goals of the participant and may include the follow: Reflective riding, trail riding, long lining, journey rides, daily lessons in emotional fitness on horseback, chanting round penning and classical riding lessons using positive reinforcement.

For more information or to schedule your program contact Shelley Rosenberg at dressagecenter@theriver.com or 520-419-6467