Shelley Rosenberg

My Horses, My Healers Sanctuary

Private Apprenticeships Available

Shelley will come to your farm, work with you and your horses. This new program will take you through all the levels of education as a group apprenticeship. Only we can maintain social distancing protocol. It will be a program that we can workout the timing that fits your schedule. This new program is now taking place. I’m so excited about it because so many people want to work with horses and an instructor without Covid worry.
At the end of your private apprenticeship you will have a private workshop with a client. For price information please call Shelley (520)419-6467.

New 9 day program, Eat, Pray, Ride fulfills the prerequisite for international apprenticeships in Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica in 2014 and 2015.  Apprenticeship programs may also be offered in Africa, Spain, Hawaii, Asia, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland, Israel and Japan.

This is an intensive program which will cover all the foundational Eponaquest tools and activities.  You will have the opportunity to discover your personal strengths and challenges , and have ample time to practice new strategies and skills.


You will learn how to utilize emotion and body sensation as valuable information to guide your actions.

You will learn to balance your autonomic system and lower arousal with your breath

You will practice setting comfortable boundaries without having to get mad at horses or humans

You will discover and work with your own energy field and the fields of other humans and of horses.

You will develop authentic community building skills  including how to have difficult conversations

You will work with a protocol for Radical Self Care which is a foundation for mental and physical health.

You will have the opportunity to work through any trauma from the past which continues to trouble you in your current life, learning new ways to function.

All of the foundational activities will be done on the ground.  No riding is required.  However, those who wish to include mounted activities with have the option to do so.

Therapists may obtain 50 CEU’s for this program