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My Horses, My Healers Sanctuary

Private Apprenticeships Available

Shelley will come to your farm, work with you and your horses. This new program will take you through all the levels of education as a group apprenticeship. Only we can maintain social distancing protocol. It will be a program that we can workout the timing that fits your schedule. This new program is now taking place. I’m so excited about it because so many people want to work with horses and an instructor without Covid worry.
At the end of your private apprenticeship you will have a private workshop with a client. For price information please call Shelley (520)419-6467.

Fifth Annual

~My Horses My Healers~

2021 International Equine Summit

Campobello, SC

October 1-3, 2021

The 2021 My Horses My Healers (MHMH) Summit will be held at the beautiful ranch of Sue Speigel. As in previous years, we will be a gathering of professionals and horse enthusiasts from many parts of the globe, including Europe, Central America, the United States and Australia. My Horses My Healers Sanctuary is a non-profit, dedicated to the well-being of our equine friends. To find out more our mission go to

The Summit welcomes equine facilitated learning (EFL) practitioners, therapists, horsemen/women of all disciplines and those interested in the area of all equine modalities and recipients of EFL teachings.

There are several options to participate in this year’s Summit: 1) as an oral presenter – abstract submission required; 2) as a poster presenter – abstract submission required; 3) as an attendee; and/or 4) renting a vendor booth to promote your program or product.

Keep reading to find out more!

Please include the following information in your abstract submission to be considered for either an oral presentation and/or for a poster presentation. If your poster topic is different from your oral presentation topic, please submit a separate abstract for each one.


My Horse My Healers

2020 International Equine Summit


(please copy and paste this page into new document and complete for submission)

  1. Name:
  2. Occupation:
  3. Years in practice:
  4. Credentials/certifications/website:
  5. Email address:
  6. Mailing address:
  7. Phone number:
  8. Submitting for poster or oral presentation:
  9. Title/topic of presentation:
  10. Will you need horses for your presentation? If so, how many and in what capacity?

Presentation will be of interest to (please check all that apply):

  • EFL practitioners / Coaches
  • Horsemen/women
  • Riders of any discipline
  • Students in related fields of study
  • General public
  • Recipients of EFL therapies/services
  • Therapists/Health care professionals
  • Veterinary professionals

Full Description: Provide a thorough description of the topic, method, and/or content.

Summary: In one sentence, summarize the main point you want attendees to take away from this session.


Method: Describe how you will convey or teach your message and content (through specific examples where possible).


Basis of Content: Specify the research, foundational practices, or innovative strategies that support this session.

Relevance: Describe the significance and timeliness to the field. Why is this information important at this time?

Guidelines for Submission

A.  Oral Presentation Guidelines / Venue Details


Oral presentations should include interactive elements and be interesting and engaging for the audience. Presenters are encouraged to include video clips, photographs and graphics in their power point presentations. The font and image quality needs to be large/good enough to be seen at a distance of 100 feet when projected to the large screen (see photo). Shelley encourages the content of the oral presentations to include interaction with horses in the arena, complimenting any power point presentation. The venue is an equine center and horses (familiar with EFL work) will be available for your use.



B.  Poster Presentation Guidelines

The venue has space for poster presentations and vendor booths (see below for more information on renting a booth).

Presenting a poster is a great way to visually share your field of work and expertise with a wide range of interested attendees. It also creates great opportunities for networking. If you are interested in presenting a poster, the guidelines below will help you design your poster and display it for presentation at the International Equine Summit. Poster presenters will stand by their poster during breaks and there will be designated times for attendees to visit the poster displays and ask questions.


Aims of poster presentation:

➢ Present the details of your research/work in visual format

➢ Share your own knowledge and expertise in the topic area

➢ Facilitate discussion of your findings with interested individuals

➢ Receive feedback and suggestions for further research

➢ Promote your work and the organization you represent


Poster format:


➢ Tri-fold poster board (36 in x 48 in)

➢ Poster material must be printed on quality paper

➢ Font size: minimum of 18pt font size for text and larger for titles i.e. sufficiently large to allow people to read from 2-3 meters away. Text should be clear and easy to read quickly – bullet points work well.  Do not reduce the text size in order to fit more information onto one poster.

➢ Use relevant photographs, images, tables, charts and graphs

➢ Keep logos discrete and to a minimum

➢ The poster background should be plain (to ensure legibility)

➢ Before sending it to print, do not forget to proof read the poster yourself, and ask someone else to do the same, checking also for clarity and simplicity

Tips for designing your poster:

➢ Use a structured format that is clear and well organized

➢ State the research question or aim

➢ Describe the methodology and results clearly

➢ Use simple and effective data display, like bullet points (avoid paragraphs)

➢ The simpler your message is, the easier it is to read for passers-by

➢ Use images and graphs and graphics instead of words wherever possible

➢ Avoid small print – keep it big

➢ Make it easy for the eye to follow

➢ Simple color can enhance a poster, but avoid distracting from the content

➢ Take account of your target audience

➢ Include who you are, your organization and any acknowledgements


C. Booth Rentals

Show off your talents, promote your program, sell your books, display your art or other items of interest at the Summit!

  • Booth Rental for Attendees: $100 for the 4-day event
  • Booth Rental for Non-Attendees: $300 for the 4-day event

No booth sharing please!  Equipment provided for booth space is a 2ft x 6ft table (approximately) and 2 chairs.

Deadlines for Submission

  • Deadline for all abstract submissions is August 1st, 2021
  • All presenters (poster and oral) will be notified of acceptance by August 25th, 2021
  • After acceptance, presenter payment is due by Sept 1st, 2021
  • Full presentation / poster drafts are due by Aug 1, 2021 – MHMH reserves the right to ask for edits and clarification of content


Donation to MHMH for attendees (not presenting) is: $500.00 USD

To Apply


Would you like to come for free?

My Horses My Healers presents: “Bring Your Herd” Rewards Program!

This offer is open to all past Summit attendees/presenters and to all presenters accepted for oral or poster presentations for 2020.

For every friend you bring, who has not attended in previous years, you will get a $100 reward!

The more new friends you bring who pay the $500 donation to attend, the more reward $’s you receive. There is no maximum!

If you bring more friends than your fee, MHMH will give you a check for the extra amount. For example: Bring 5 friends and your presenter fee of $300 will be refunded and you will receive a check for $200!

To receive the reward, please send Shelley an email with the full name of each person that you are referring to the 2020 Summit. Have your friend also note on their registration payment that they were referred by you, so you receive proper credit.

Additional Information

Additional information – check for the latest updates – about the Summit and the Pre and Post-Summit events can be found on the MHMH website: My Horses My Healers

Thank you for supporting My Horse My Healers and sharing my passion for the healing power of horses!

Shelley Rosenberg

President of My Horses My Healers Sanctuary

Founder of the International Equine Summit