Shelley Rosenberg

My Horses, My Healers Sanctuary

Private Apprenticeships Available

Shelley will come to your farm, work with you and your horses. This new program will take you through all the levels of education as a group apprenticeship. Only we can maintain social distancing protocol. It will be a program that we can workout the timing that fits your schedule. This new program is now taking place. I’m so excited about it because so many people want to work with horses and an instructor without Covid worry.
At the end of your private apprenticeship you will have a private workshop with a client. For price information please call Shelley (520)419-6467.

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Shelley’s Own Drawings

These brush pen and drawing pen ink drawings by Shelley Rosenberg are available as 11″x11″ prints mounted on black 12″x 12″ foam core or as 3″x 5″ note cards.

  • Prints $100 plus shipping
  • Cards $3 each or $20 for a set of 10 plus shipping
  • Please contact Shelley directly to purchase prints or cards.