My Horses, My Healers Sanctuary

Shelley Rosenberg, author

My Horses, My Healers Sanctuary (501c3)

For many years we have been taking in retired and traumatized horses; sometimes we are able to re-home them and in some cases we provide a forever home, care for them in their old-age and allow them to live their last years in peace and dignity. We offer food, shelter, vet-care and a job – the horses in turn create sanctuary for humans who come to heal and learn in our workshops. We also take in sheep, llamas, goats, donkeys, dogs and cats. We offer all the animals sanctuary in gratitude for generously giving us their non-judgmental acceptance, service, healing, herd and leadership teaching plus their unconditional love.

All donations to My Horses My Healers Sanctuary are tax-deductible and go towards care for the animals.

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