My Horses, My Healers Sanctuary (501c3)


The mission of My Horses My Healers Sanctuary is to create a healing space for humans, horses and other animals, to provide educational and therapy programs supporting human and animal collaboration.  We offer training programs for people who want to learn to partner with horses through the practices of yoga, art, sand play therapy, and riding excursions to facilitate healing.

We are dedicated to the care of the humans we interact with and

their healing process. We serve all kinds of people as all of us have experienced some trauma.

We  work with veterans with PTSD, sexual abuse survivors, children suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, and with adults suffering from depression and anxiety.

Our facility is set in the high Sonoran desert where summers are cooler than Tucson or Phoenix and winters are mild and sunny.

Our facility is rustic, with comfortable indoor and outdoor meeting space, a barn and an adequate round pen and arena.   Our horses are well trained and well cared for, as it is our mission to create healing space for the four legged animals as well as the humans.  They live comfortably in the pasture as a herd, only coming into the barn when they wish.  We use only bitless bridles and gentle, relationship based training techniques.

All donations to My Horses My Healers Sanctuary are tax-deductible and go towards care for the animals.