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Horses Color Me Crazy

By Shelley R. Rosenberg

Published April 2016

30 whimsical, abstract horse illustrations inspired by horses and events in Shelley’s life. This book is sure to enhance your own creativity and relaxation.

Accessing Your IntuitionAccessing Your Intuition

By Shelley R. Rosenberg

Published by Authorhouse, March 2011

Accessing Your Intuition will evoke a question we ask ourselves daily: Is this in my best interest? Is this for my highest good? Will this experience help me move in the direction that I am wanting my life to go? We can get information by asking the question and watching the horse’s response. We can learn to trust our own choices by direct communication, examining feelings, and healing through truthful speaking of emotion.

My Horses, My HealersMy Horses, My Healers

By Shelley R. Rosenberg, written with Beck Andros, foreword by Linda Kohanov

Published by Authorhouse, October 2006

My Horses, My Healers begins as a childhood drama of sexual abuse and neglect in the life of the author, and, through the healing power of interaction with horses, chronicles Rosenberg’s experience of self healing. For riders of all ages, for anyone who has experienced alienation from their own human kind, for anyone who loves horses — this book resonates with the good that can come from experiencing horses and humans teaching one another the language of direct communication, and healing through truthful expression of emotion. Unflinchingly honest, Rosenberg’s testimony reminds us to tell our own stories — especially the ones we dread sharing because our lives depend on it.