My Horses, My Healers Sanctuary

Shelley Rosenberg, author


Shelley Rosenberg

Shelley R. Rosenberg offers individuals equine experiential learning sessions. She also offers equine facilitated psychotherapy sessions with her psychiatrist colleague, Dr. Nancy Coyne.

What can you expect from these sessions? The horse is like a 1200lb   biofeedback partner. Your horse will help you see exactly what’s going on in your body and psyche even if your mind is trying to hide it.

Rosenberg has been riding horses since she was nine years old. She has competed for the United States Olympic festival. She is an “L” graduate and a seasoned riding instructor. She has competed in over 110 Grand Prix dressage tests. With forty five years of experience in the art of communicating with humans and horses she believes there is a new way to teach riding, that it is her job to be sure you understand what you are feeling, physically and emotionally. She has a unique way of teaching the beginner to ride where fear is not part of the lesson.  Experienced equestrians often learn how their unconscious fears are embodied in ways that may limit their riding.  Once conscious, they can make changes to improve dramatically.

shelley-rRosenberg has a facility in Sonoita Arizona where you can come for weeklong workshop/retreats. She travels extensively to coach and teach and would be pleased to come to your facility to help you with personal development, riding, horse training and stallion socialization.

Stallion socialization is one of Rosenberg’s talents. She has helped many stallions learn to live harmoniously with other stallions or geldings. She believes there is no reason for a stallion to live a life of isolation any longer. She will do this for you at your facility. She is happy to supply  references .

Rosenberg’s mission is to have all horses in a bitless bridle. Even her coming up western dressage horse has never had a bit in his mouth. He is doing passage, and piaffe already.

Rosenberg was Linda Kohanov’s ranch manager for five years during their time at Apache Springs ranch. She worked with Barbara Rector in developing the Adolescent care and therapeutic riding program for Sierra Tucson.

Rosenberg will work with any type of horse or mule. Her facility is a sanctuary where she rescues animals and trains them to become a safe mount for anyone. People may also send their horses for a happy retirement in her pastures. The sanctuary also offers personal development retreats and psychotherapy intensives for people with the horses as co-therapists.  She believes all horses can be the mirror in which we can truly see ourselves.

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