Shelley RosenbergShelley R. Rosenberg offers individual Equine Experiential Learning sessions that can include Passive and Active Round Penning, Reflective Riding, and Journey Rides. These sessions use both the human and equine instructor’s expertise in developing an open communication and strength of relationship with a horse that can engender the discovery of life skills to aid the human in all relationships.

In addition, as a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) “L” graduate, and a seasoned instructor, Shelley provides lessons and training for riders starting at the very beginnings of their experiences with horses, up to the level of Grand Prix.  She has over 30 years of experience training horses, teaching riders, and professionally competing in the art of dressage riding.

She has taught all seats of riding—western, jumping, dressage, hunter—and also teaches and trains driving horses.  Her experience with horse breeds spans from Arabians to Haflingers to Warmbloods to rescued Mustangs and horses recovering from abuse that require rehabilitation.

Shelley began riding at age 12.  In her long career she has successfully competed for the long-list on the U.S. Olympic equestrian team, co-led with Barbara Rector to create and implement the Adolescent Care and therapeutic riding program at Sierra Tucson in the 1980s, conducted dressage clinics, and became President of the Tucson Dressage Club.

She ran her own professional Dressage Center in Oro Valley for 18 years before accepting the position of Herd Manager at Epona, where she carefully worked to maintain the well-being of the Epona herd. Shelley continues to actively judge, train and show in Arizona.

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